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Traditional Media

Technologies are advancing and the consumer is more demanding. Media consumption patterns have changed, simply because the consumer wants information ‘yesterday’. The result is that we are becoming a web-based society. The Internet is now keeping up with this demand for real time information by constantly evolving bandwidths and speed. The consumer now uses the Internet as a primary source of information and call to action.

There was a time when traditional options like print, radio and TV were the only media for communication. Then the Internet came in but the ratio still stood in favour of traditional media. Today, media consumption is skewed in favour of the web, even though print, radio and TV still have a small place in the consumer’s mind. He still watches TV and reads the paper, but not as much as he used to.

A perfect example of this would be e-papers and news portals launched by newspapers. Websites like The Huffington Post have become a replacement to newspapers. Newspapers have kept up with web technologies. After all, the consumer wants to read the news on his smart phone while riding the tube to work. Yet he notices the outdoor displays at the station.

Therefore, while traditional media is still important, you simply can’t afford to ignore the power of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, good website design and Pay-per-click campaigns.

At Mantra Communications, we propose and implement marketing plans that are a judicious mix of the two to deliver truly effective campaigns.