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About Us

Mantra Communications is a goal-driven, integrated marketing services company headquartered in Canada. We’re a boutique, yet scalable consulting and communications firm that aligns its activities with our clients’ marketing and sales objectives. We go beyond consulting to seamlessly implementing marketing campaigns across diverse media. Our mantra is to achieve and maintain exponential business growth for our clients.

Our team consists of thought leaders who have decades of experience working with leading marketing firms across the world. They have left behind the compulsions of large revenue-driven corporations to use their expertise in driving marketing campaigns that truly deliver value. Taking ownership of the client’s goals is a vital reason for our zeal and value-driven activities.

Knowing that no campaign is complete without considering every consumer touch point, we lay emphasis on a 3600 approach to marketing. Integrated marketing encompasses traditional media like print, radio and TV as well as the most important media today – digital.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • Thought leadership: We truly understand emerging trends in technology, media transformations, changing habits and buying preferences of today’s as well as future consumers
  • New Rules, new strategy: We keep abreast with the new rules of marketing and PR. We strategize a game plan accordingly.
  • Back-up plan: No campaign can be successful without adequate measurement. Success lies in our plan for the “what-if” scenario.
  • Ownership of your goals: We own and lead your business goals from the front. We’re as keen to meet your objectives as you are.
  • Flexible bandwidth: Whether you need to address a global or local audience, we have the bandwidth to scale up or condense your campaign as needed.